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Please note: Currently, I am not taking on any new referrals

Initial consultation fee is £80.

Standard session fees are set at a sliding scale depending on income (usually between £60 and £100). The fee is discussed and agreed in the initial consultation.

Low cost Psychotherapy and Counselling in London

Below is a list of organisations providing some sort of low cost counselling or psychotherapy if you are on a low income (this information was checked and updated in November 2017)

It might be worth making an appointment with your GP in the first instance to see what is on offer. You can also see if you can access counselling directly through your local IAPT service (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). These services are usually borough-based so, for example, you can search on the internet for 'Hackney IAPT' or 'Wandsworth IAPT' to find services in those boroughs.

Number 42
Operates on Monday mornings, Fridays and Sundays.
Usually charged at £40 per session with further room for negotiation depending on your financial circumstances. The minimum fee payable is £15
Assessments for this service are free of charge as we cannot guarantee an allocation.
Contact Pat:
T: 020 7096 5001
or 07932 747724

CFAR (Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research)
‘CFAR provides a clinical service offering low-cost analysis for those unable to afford private treatment. CFAR’s orientation is psychoanalytic, but its clinical service is not about classical five-day-a-week psychoanalysis... Fees are charged on a sliding scale, and the service is intended to help those on a low income. A typical fee would be between £10 and £20 per session, and an appropriate fee should be agreed on with the analyst. There is an initial consultation fee of £10.’
Tel: 0845 838 0829

The Fairbridge Clinic
'Full-time students; benefit recipients without additional sources of income; those on very low incomes. Usually offers twice weekly psychotherapy for a fee ranging £8 - £25 per session depending on income (sometimes weekly psychotherapy is also possible). You may need to commit yourself to up to 2+ years of psychotherapy. Access to the Clinic is via a consultation. The fee  for this consultation will be £35. Short waiting list - 3 to 4 weeks' (as of Nov 2017)
020 7272 7013

Waterloo Community Counselling
For Residents of Southwark or Lambeth
'We offer two services: our low cost counselling service and our language service. The low cost service does not have a catchment area, so anyone is welcome to self-refer. They will need to call the office on 0207 928 3462 to book an assessment. We take a non-refundable £10 deposit over the phone, which goes towards the overall assessment fee. The fees are calculated according to individual financial circumstances. The fee for those that are unwaged is £12.
The language service is open to those who are living and/or registered with a GP in Lambeth and Southwark that require counselling in one of the languages listed on our website. These clients would need to be referred by Lambeth or Southwark IAPT, respectively. We also accept referrals for London residents that have claimed asylum in Britain. They can be referred directly to our organisation.'
0207 928 3462

The Farringdon Practice
Reduced fee Psychotherapy & psychoanalysis for those on low incomes
'Currently operating a waiting list (20+ names long as of Nov 2017). You will always be contacted to discuss options.
Each fee is negotiated directly with the psychotherapist. We also offer reduced fee psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Unfortunately we cannot offer reduced fee psychotherapy in evenings or early mornings.'

Arbours Association
Psychotherapy & psychoanalysis (Reduced Fee) for people on low incomes.
'Based on ‘ability to pay’ on a sliding scale - ranges £20 - £60.  Very low fees from £5 - £15, for clients who are happy to see final year graduate students (provided they are suitable as Training Patients).   
1 hr initial assessment by a senior therapist for all clients. Fee for this assessment is also on a sliding scale, £40-£60 (i.e. Low or Full Fee) and should be paid on the day of the consultation by cash or cheque. '
T: 0208 340 7646 / 0208 348 6466

British Psychotherapy Foundation
Psychotherapy & psychoanalysis (Low Cost) for those on low incomes
'Intensive treatment involves three or four sessions per week. You are asked to make a two year minimum commitment.
The therapy is offered by experienced trainees at an advanced stage of their training.
This is a service that takes into account your particular financial circumstances: the maximum fee is capped at £25 per session, and frequently it is much less. Please note that the Low Fee Service is subject to availability. The location of current vacancies and contact details can be found online.
If appropriate you will be offered a face to face assessment consultation with one of our experienced senior psychotherapists. The current fee for consultation is £45, if two meetings are required the total will be £60. If you are being assessed for four times weekly psychoanalysis two assessment consultations are required at a cost of £60 for the two. '
Elisa Capponi, Clinical Services Officer 0208 4382415

Psychosynthesis Trust
Counselling (Low Cost) for those who can't afford to pay full fees
'Both short and long-term therapy available. Takes place with a trainee in their 2nd or 3rd year of training, who is supervised by an experienced clinical supervisor.
Sessions cost between £10 - £30, depending on what you can afford. There is a £25 registration fee payable on application.
Sessions are available during the day and a very limited number during the evening (latest appointment at 20.30).
The process from receipt of registration form to contact from counsellor is approx. 4 weeks.'
Felicitas Mander, Counselling Service Manager
T: 020 7403 7814

Philadelphia Association
Do not currently have a waiting list (as of Nov 2017)
T: 020 7431 5471   

The Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service
For residents of Lambeth & Southwark who require counselling in other languages; or refugees & asylum seekers living in any South or North London borough (Free)
At the moment, we are able to offer counselling in the following languages: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, English, Farsi, Farsi (Darri), French, Hindi, Italian, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish, and Urdu. 
Lambeth residents - please contact Lambeth IAPT on 0203 228 6747
For those registered with a Southwark GP - please contact Southwark IAPT on 0203 228 2194.
For refugees and asylum seekers: 020 7928 3462

Counselling Initiatives
'Those on low incomes or benefits; those unable to afford private, fee-paid counselling. We welcome client enquiries from anywhere if someone is prepared to travel. Can be GP referred.
Min. donation of £10 per session to help support the service and its overheads.
We are happy to take referrals within the terms of reference of our eligibility criteria, namely: That clients are above the age of 21; The primary need is not a learning difficulty; The client is not or has not recently been on a section under the Mental Health Act nor have major mental health care needs; The client does not have current behaviours which constitute a major risk to self or others.
Importantly, Counselling Initiatives is not a crisis or befriending service.'
T: 020 8815 1962

Community Counselling
Counselling (Low Cost). Currently the minimum charge is £10.00 per session.
'Short-term or long term counselling, and in some cases (where helpful) opened ended counselling.
Open to individuals who are referred from GPs and other agencies.  We also welcome people who want to contact us directly themselves.
Our waiting list is often shorter than with other services.'
T: 07547 893 700 or 020 8524 9711

Metanoia Institute
'Following an initial assessment, you can have up to 6 months of sessions. Appointments are offered Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and are 50 minutes long.
Assessments will cost £15. However, if you have evidence that you are in receipt of benefits, then this will cost £10.
The sessional fee is £25 can be further reduced according to your circumstances and the time of the appointment, to a minimum of £5 per session during the day and £12 after 5pm.'
T: 020 8832 3080

Claremont Psychotherapy Service
'Mostly for Islington residents but some places available for surrounding boroughs
Over 18s who find private therapy too expensive, and short term NHS services too time limited
Clients are offered an initial 6 sessions as an assessment period to see if it is likely to be a beneficial form of therapy. Following that, clients are entitled to a year’s worth of therapy. The fee is £10-30 per session.
We operate a waiting list for the service, which is currently over 6 months in length. This may be lessened if you are very flexible with hours, but please be aware we are a small service and currently have no availability in the evening.
Sessions can take place at any time from 7am – 9pm, dependent on our therapists' availability. 
Rebecca Kirkpatrick, Manager for Psychotherapy Services
T: 020 7689 8091

Camden Psychotherapy Unit (CPU)
'Available to people across London from all backgrounds
The waiting list for an assessment is currently about 3 months
We assess people first so not everyone is offered therapy here
People may refer themselves directly to CPU. Referrals may also be made by GPs, social workers, local hospitals, PPNs, and voluntary organisations.We offer free therapy to those unable to pay. For those who are able to pay we charge fees on a sliding scale.'
020 7284 6558

Highbury Counselling Centre
'Fees for counselling vary and can be discussed at the assessment however we typically have a minimum fee of £15. We ask all clients to agree on their counselling fee based on their financial situation, using a sliding scale.
Assessment fee of £40 (£20 if you are unemployed, retired, on benefits or a student)At the moment we have a waiting time of 4-5 weeks for an assessment.'
Contact Kalli, Counselling Coordinator
T: 020 7354 4791

The Gestalt Centre
Various London boroughs
'Our low-cost therapy is open ended without a limit to the number of sessions.  It is one of the very few services to enable such long term work to be conducted but the down side is that we do not know how long a client may have to wait.
Please do note that we do not offer an emergency or rapid response service.'
T: 020 7383 5610

Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre
'Fees are usually between £10 and £45 per 50 minute session, depending on your circumstances. Qualified therapists continuing to offer low cost sessions may charge a little more. Fees are subject to occasional small increases. To keep fees low, payment is weekly, even for missed sessions, except on bank holidays or when the therapist is absent.'
T: 020 7607 4403

Freshstart Psychotherapy
Clients can just go on our website to access the service. People usually seen within two weeks of contact (but this could vary). £12 but could be lower. Long term - 2 years
020 7691 7638 (answer phone - please leave contact details)

The Upper Room
Free Counselling for individuals and couples who are unemployed or on low income (up to £16K) on Fridays Fridays between 10.00 and 17.00. Up to 12 sessions. The sessions can be delivered in Polish as well as English.
T: 020 8740 5688
M: 07967 312 207

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