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A psychoanalytic psychotherapist, counsellor and experienced mental health professional in London Bridge , Southwark and Waterloo with 8 years experience working with people suffering with a variety of problems, from a variety of backgrounds.

My London Bridge psychotherapist practice is within easy reach of all of Central London, South London, and near London Bridge station, as well as Waterloo, Southwark, Lambeth North, Blackfriars and Elephant and Castle stations.

What’s my approach? When working with people with anxiety, depression, phobias, and most other mental health problems, my approach to suffering is specific, not general. What does this mean? Problems need to be treated in context of someone’s life, and as part of a specific idea of what someone thinks is 'me' – 'my future', 'my past', 'my family' etc. Anxiety, depression, stress, abuse or trauma are not just things that happen, they are also usually about something or someone. My approach is less about labels, more about asking questions and finding space to think.

Where do we start? Sometimes it is hard to figure out what or who mental health problems are about so we would start by thinking in detail about the problem to find out more about what it means . From here we need to begin thinking things through, kindly, bravely and often carefully. All this often takes time and everyone needs to go at a different pace.

Psychotherapy is a space to...

  • speak freely in confidence
  • explore powerful emotions and thoughts
  • help inspire creative work
  • address self-destructive cycles and repetitions
  • work through trauma
    address relationship issues
  • think about questions you can’t let go of

  • explore physical symptoms with no medical cause
  • talk about difficult childhood memories
  • talk about big life changes you are going through or are coming up
  • explore why you feel low, depressed or demotivated
  • provide basic ongoing support for those who need it

Common reasons to visit a psychotherapist

Relationship difficulties
Panic Attacks
Sleeping problems
Symptoms with no obvious medical explanations
Memories of sexual abuse
Sexual problems
and other more specific issues

Guild of Psychotherapists, 47 Nelson Square, London SE1 0QA (by appointment)
Call 0770 427 4542

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